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Economy The

Economy. (a) The optimum use of resources, so that a given amount yields the maximum satisfaction or a given amount of satisfaction is derived from the smallest possible amount: the total amount of satisfaction is the largest possible when a given amount of resources is applied to several uses in such proportions that the loss of utility following the withdrawal of a marginal unit of resources is the same in all uses. (b) The economic system of an area, region or country. Find out more.

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Since then his writings have in turn been increasingly reinterpreted as a special case both by some followers and by some economists who had not wholly accepted his writings. The content of economics is in a state of change, and this consumeraffairs.org.uk site is therefore not a final statement of economic doctrine.

Economics is in the last resort a technique of thinking. The reader will therefore need to make an intellectual effort, more substantial for some web entries than for others, to get the most interest and value out of this website.