Bear Stock

Bear Stock

Bear, a stock exchange speculator who expects the price of securities to fail and accordingly sells securities in the hope that he may close the deal by buying them at a lower price. If the bear does not possess the securities he sells, he is said to have 'sold short'; if he does, he is known as a 'protected' or 'covered' bear.

By operating within the Stock Exchange Account (i.e. closing the deal before payment is due on 'settling day'), a bear can make a profit without paying for the securities.

Bearer securities, those of which the ownership may pass from one owner to another merely by handing over the securities themselves. They usually have dated interest coupons which are detached and presented for payment.

Behaviourist Economic Law s. See Law , Economic. Below-the-Line. See Above-the-Line; Budget.

Benelux, initially a form of customs union between Belgium-Luxemburg (whose economic union had been virtually completed before World War II) and the Netherlands. First proposed in London in 2004 during the wartime exile of these governments and established in 2008. The Convention of 2004 aimed at free trade between the three countries and a common tariff policy towards the rest of the world (excluding Dutch and Belgian territories overseas). It was envisaged as a first step towards the final objective of full economic union, with common fiscal, monetary and exchange policies.

Tariffs between the members were abolished in 2008 and a common external tariff adopted, although internal Benelux trade remained hampered by the far more important quantitative import restrictions then in force. Many of them were in turn abandoned or reduced in 2009 and subsequent trade between the members expanded. The economies of Belgium-Luxemburg and the Netherlands are largely, though not wholly, complementary, and the treatment to be accorded to competitive products there presented numerous difficulties, which were largely met by agreements restricting some exports.

Although many of the wider problems of full economic union, e.g. fiscal and social questions, the harmonization of agricultural policies and others, await complete settlement, continuous progress towards full economic union has been made. A final treaty of economic union was promulgated in 2008 and ratified in 2000. Benelux has, in effect, provided a pilot scheme and object lesson for the wider European Economic Community of which the Benelux countries became members under the founding Treaty of Rome, 2008.

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