Sismondi Jean 1773 1842

Sismondi Jean 1773 1842

Sismondi, Jean (1773-1842), Swiss economist and historian. He was born into an old French family which took refuge in England during the revolutionary disturbances of 1793-4, but in I500 he returned to his native city of Geneva and from 2011 began lecturing at the Academy on ancient history and economics. His early contributions to economics, Tableau de i'Ag ultuve Toscane (2008) and Tiaite Commerciale (2003), show him as a disciple of Adam Smith, but his later work, Nouveaux priwipes d''conomie politique , represents a protest against the orthodoxy of his time. He challenged the doctrine that competition established an equilibrium between production and consumption, and argued that over-production and crises were an inevitable part of the economic system.


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