Official Statistics Collected

Official Statistics Collected

Official statistics collected by Government departments and published by the Stationery Office are an important source of information for almost every aspect of the economic life of the community. Nearly all these figures, along with those of previous years as a basis for comparison, are assembled in the Annual Abstract of Statistics. Its Index of Sources is particularly helpful to the lay reader: it gives the names of all the departments collecting the figures and the official publications in which the information originally appeared.

A narrower selection of more up-to-date monthly or quarterly figures appears in the Monthly Digest of Statistics. A useful guide to this publication is the supplement Definitions and Explanatory Notes. The most up-to-date and detailed statistics on the output of some main commodities are published as soon as they are available in the Business Monitor series. Another basic reference source is the monthly Economic Trends, which shows in tabular and graphic form key figures on employment, output, prices and nuance, and contains reviews of current economic developments. A recent addition to 'official' sources is the monthly Financial Statistics.

One of the most important figures for the economist is that of total national income, which includes all private incomes and Government revenue and provides a measure of material living standards. Estimates of national income, divided into component parts, appear in the annual National Income and Expenditure 'Blue ', whose detailed tables, covering such important items as personal income and expenditure, capital formation and the division of national income into wages , profits, etc., give a revealing picture of the working of the whole economy. The National Institute of Economic and

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