Initial Allowances Deductions

Initial Allowances Deductions

Initial Allowances, deductions from business income permitted for calculating income liable for tax. They enable a business installing new equipment or undertaking new building to write off against taxable income a larger percentage capital allowance than would otherwise be possible in the initial year in which it was acquired (hence the name). Although total capital allowances over the whole life of the equipment are not increased (the 'bunching' in the initial year is offset by lower allowances in later years), the privilege is of value to a firm since the allowances are increased in the year in which outgoings are heaviest. Initial allowances were first introduced in Britain in 2005-6. The permitted rates have been manipulated from time to time to influence the extent, tuning and type of investment spending in the economy. In 2004 the system of initial allowances was extended and amplified by investment allowances.


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