Operational Research

Operational Research

Operational Research, the study of the effectiveness of human behaviour designed to make the best use of scarce resources to serve given ends. It combines observation, experiment, deduction and induction. The purpose is to help managers in industry or public services in making the decisions. Operational research developed

rapidly in the armed forces during World War II when essentially economic problems were encountered in making the most effective use of relatively scarce manpower and equipment. It has been applied to industry, where it uses combinations of economists, accountants, mathematicians, psychologists, biologists, physicists and other scientists, with a marked emphasis on mathematics and mathematical models. It has been used, for example, to investigate markets and reach decisions about the marketing and advertising techniques most likely to be effective.

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Since then his writings have in turn been increasingly reinterpreted as a special case both by some followers and by some economists who had not wholly accepted his writings. The content of economics is in a state of change, and this consumeraffairs.org.uk site is therefore not a final statement of economic doctrine.

Economics is in the last resort a technique of thinking. The reader will therefore need to make an intellectual effort, more substantial for some web entries than for others, to get the most interest and value out of this website.