Demand Pull The

Demand Pull The

Demand Pull, the process by which inflation at some periods since World War 11 has been said by some economists to have been caused or intensified by an excessive amount of money in the economy. They have argued that the fundamental responsibility has been that of the Government for failing to restrict the flow of money through the banking system and in other ways, with the result that it increased faster than output and the general level of prices rose. They have therefore absolved the trade unions from pushing up costs by using their strong bargaining power in a seller's market for labour the opposite theory of 'cost push'.

Demarcation Rules. See Restrictive Practices.

Demography, the study of populations. In particular it means the statistical investigation of trends in the influences on the composition, size and distribution of populations, such as birth rate, mortality rate, average age at marriage and size of family, migration, etc., from the study of which demographic 'laws' may be derived. Modern demography relies heavily on information obtained in censuses, but demographic studies were made by William Petty in Britain in the seventeenth century, when parochial registration of births and deaths was the main source of information.

Demurrage, the payment to a shipowner by a shipper who detains the ship in port for discharging or loading beyond the stated time ('lay' or 'lie' days). The demurrage is paid when the ship is ready to sail. It also refers to similar railway charges for detaining rolling-stock.

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