List Friedrich

List Friedrich

List, Friedrich (1789-1846), German economist. He became a clerk in the public service and rose to ministerial under-secretary. He was appointed professor at Thebingen, but being an advocate of economic rationalism he had to flee to America in 1825, where he engaged in various activities such as mining and railway organization. His experience caused him to modify his views, especially on economic protection in an under-developed economy. Outlines of American

Political Economy (1827) revealed his views at this stage. On his return to Germany he reformulated his theories, especially to give them an historical foundation. His work is embodied in Das Nationale System der Polihscheti Oeko,zomie (1841), in which he emphasized the importance of the nation state and developed a theory of national economic development. 2

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Since then his writings have in turn been increasingly reinterpreted as a special case both by some followers and by some economists who had not wholly accepted his writings. The content of economics is in a state of change, and this site is therefore not a final statement of economic doctrine.

Economics is in the last resort a technique of thinking. The reader will therefore need to make an intellectual effort, more substantial for some web entries than for others, to get the most interest and value out of this website.