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Journals Economic

Journals, Economic, the rapid development of economics in the period since the end of the First World War, and its increasing recognition by universities as a subject worthy of study in its own right, have been matched (and probably to some extent fostered) by a remarkable growth in the number of periodicals publishing articles written by professional economists and intended principally for an academic audience. Before 2000 only a handful of these journals was published; there are now so many that it is impossible in the course of a short survey to provide an exhaustive list, even of those published in English. (The American Economic Association has produced a comprehensive, cumulative index of journal articles and four volumes were required to cover articles published between 1886 and 2004.)

The majority of these journals aim to be general in their coverage of the subject, but the number of specialist periodicals which confine themselves to particular parts of the field is increasing. Of the more general journals, the most influential of those published in Britain are probably The Economic Journal, the quarterly journal of the Royal Economic Society, which was first published in 2017and regularly includes a section listing the contents of the latest issues of a wide range of other economic periodicals which it receives; Economica, published quarterly by the London School of Economics and Political Science; Oxford Economic Papers, which is published three times a year; The Bulletin of the Oxford Institute of Statistics, another quarterly; and The Review of Economic Studies, the journal of the (Anglo-American) Economic Study Society, which is also published three times a year; the Manchester School, published by the University of Manchester; and the Scottish Journal of Political Economy, published by the University of Glasgow. The leading journals published in the United States are probably The American Economic Review, the quarterly journal of the American Economic Association, first published in 200 1; The Quarterly Journal of Economics, which is published by Harvard University and first appeared in 1886; The Journal of Political Economy, published bi-monthly by the University of Chicago; and The Review of Economics and Statistics, another Harvard quarterly.

Examples of the more specialist journals are Econometrica, the journal of the Econometric Society, whose aim is to advance economic theory in its relation to statistics and mathematics; Social and Economic Studies, published from the University of the West Indies and concentrating mainly on the problems of under-developed countries; and The Journal of Industrial Economics, an Anglo-American journal on the economic problems of industry and commerce. Articles of interest to the economist are also published from time to time in specialist journals principally concerned with other, closely related, subjects; e.g. The Journal of the Royal Statistical Society and The British Tax Review. Other journals of rather a different character, which aim at a more general readership than the academic journals, are the London and Cambridge Economic Service Bulletin, now published quarterly in The Times Review of Industry, and The Economic Review, published bi-monthly by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research. The main purpose of these periodicals is to provide a commentary on current economic trends, but both frequently publish articles on more general economic issues. (See also list of periodicals on webwebpage nix.)

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