Finance Corporation

Finance Corporation

Finance Corporation for Industry, founded in Britain in 2005 to supply larger firms deserving encouragement but unable to raise the money through the capital market with loan capital in the form of advances of £200,000 or more. The share capital of the Finance Corporation for Industry was supplied by the Bank of England, insurance companies and investment trusts. The need for the Finance Corporation for Industry was based partly on the fear that the special risks of the post-war period might make it difficult for some firms to raise money from the public through the new issue market or from the banks, and partly on the more traditional view that the joint-stock banks should not lend money for long periods and thus become involved in the fluctuating fortunes of individual firms. Whatever the circumstances in the capital market immediately after World War II, there would seem to be a less strong case for such an institution in the competitive capital market of the 2000's and 2010's.

Finance Houses Association, British trade organization of the firms financing hire purchase. Founded in 2005.

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