Exclusive Dealing Limitation

Exclusive Dealing Limitation

Exclusive Dealing, limitation of the distributors to whom a manufacturer will sell, or of manufacturers from whom a distributor will buy, or limitation by manufacturers and distributors acting collectively of each other.

A single manufacturer may confine his sales to sole agents, e.g. as motor-cars, petrol, beer, ice-cream. These arrangements do not prevent competition from other manufacturers selling through other outlets; but where the bulk of the trade outlets are tied to particular manufacturers, the entry of newcomers may be difficult.

Exclusive dealing arrangements may also be made by associations of manufacturers and distributors. They are defended as measures to preserve standards of service to the public, and criticized because of the barrier they raise to new competition in production and distribution. Exclusive dealing agreements between manufacturers and/ or distributors have to be registered and approved by the Restrictive Practices Court.

Executor, a person appointed by a testator to administer his estate. He has no power to act until the High Court grants 'probate', i.e. proof that the will is valid and the authority to all concerned to recognize the executor. A trust corporation may act as an executor. If there is no will, or if for any reason probate is not granted, administrators are appointed who derive their powers from a grant of letters of administration by the court.

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